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Our real estate fund administration expertise is evident from the quality of our client base and the depth of the services we provide. The majority of our clients require accounting and fund administration and general assistance with setting up the fund. However, we also provide consultancy services on issues such as investor reporting and reporting infrastructure.

Our extensive sector experience is valued by our clients. We have in-depth knowledge of legal structures, LPA terms, NAV calculations, and debt covenant reporting. We are experienced in the coordination of information at asset level in complex multi-jurisdictional structures, allowing us to coordinate the accounting process from asset level through to completion of the consolidation. Our proactive involvement with industry bodies (for example, we co-wrote the INREV reporting guidelines in Europe and are engaged with ANREV and APREA in Asia) ensures that our clients' investor reporting is best practice and develops automatically as requirements evolve.

In addition to the core fund administration services, we provide both PE AIF depositary and depositary lite services to real estate fund managers whose funds are captured by AIFMD.

Sasha Accountants provides accounting and administration services to real estate private equity funds. We utilize a Capital Accounting System to deliver timely, cutting‐edge alternatives to an internal accounting infrastructure (or in concert with your internal efforts) and provides portfolio accounting, investor accounting, books and records, financial statement preparation and tax reporting.  Having EFS deliver the day‐to‐day accounting and record keeping requirements of your investment funds allows for greater focus on the mission critical aspect of your business: the investment process; rather than allocating resources to tasks such as managing back office staff, upgrading software and maintaining computer hardware.

We approach each fund services engagement with a big picture perspective, working across our many specialties to provide each client with a comprehensive service solution that works for their specific needs. As a leading service provider for financial service companies as well as family offices, we are also uniquely positioned to create synergies that help our real estate clients grow their businesses.

Real Estate Private Equity Fund Services 

  • Review of real estate private equity fund documents for best practices
  • Maintain accounting books and records
  • Maintain detailed records of all investment transactions
  • Calculate capital calls, including communicating calls to investors and tracking cash receipts/reconciliation
  • Calculate distributions and waterfall allocations, including communicating distributions to investors
  • Compute management fee, preferred return and carried interest
  • Preparation and distribution of investor capital statements
  • Flexible and scalable services to meet individual needs

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